our passion in sport is unlimited

We are a European company based in Iceland with branches in Greece and Egypt.

Our company is mainly specialized in trading machines and spare parts in different fields including (oil &gas, ports, steel, heavy manufacturing, etc…).

Our unlimited passion for sports made us establish MMAShark team, which presents qualified MMA, kickboxing, BJJ and Muay Thai fighters, who can take part in events hosted by international organization.

MMASHARK fighters are chosen on the basis of international standards.

We qualify fighters from around the world and present them as champions to participate in international events.

We offer contracts and sponsorships to the fighters, in addition to providing them will the essential requirements they need, including physical training, gears, supplies, professional trainers and dieting system.

Our team of fighters who are ready to participate are included in the presentation.

More fighters will be ready soon.


We are looking

for fighters around the world to qualify them to participate in the events of the international organizations.

Soon We Will

publish clubs academies in Egypt

We Found

that the middle east and Africa market is very promising in finding fighters and coaches, that is why we choosing Egypt

Private Home Academies

are launched in Egypt – Cairo for boys, girls, men, women and families.

Top notch 

Your Safety is our priority.